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Somehow it always surprises us when the crisp autumn mornings arrive and we begin preparing for the hustle and bustle of the last few months of the year. As swiftly as the seasons change, it’s important that we take the time to reflect on all we have achieved together. Looking back on this past summer, I want to share our collective appreciation for the wonderful summer that was had by all at the Community Center.

We saw outstanding participation in our programs, membership and giving over the last few months. Additionally, we celebrated our milestone anniversary of 15 years at our fundraising Gala in August by honoring the legacy of our founder, Edwin “Ed” A. Jaffe. It’s hard to think that one person can make such a difference, but the Center is proof that with a strong vision and hard work, one does have the ability to affect positive, lasting change. By creating this institution, Ed took on the monumental task of changing how our community relates to one another. Fifteen years after opening, the Center continues to be a reflection of our dynamic community and the magic that emerges when people connect in genuine ways.

Berkshire South continues to develop a robust scope of programs in response to the needs of our community. Be it hunger, financial support for childcare, respite from isolation, or recovery back to wellness, we strive to find a way to help.

Some days, as we are going through our routines, we may not notice the countless lives that are touched in meaningful ways by the Community Center. Some might see a beautiful auditorium, spectacular pool and comprehensive preschool, but what we provide goes much deeper than that. If you look a little closer you’ll see the glow of a child who is nurtured in our preschool when at home parents are separating and financially struggling. Or maybe you’d see the confidence that ignites when a person with disabilities can connect with peers in our pool, floating around and weightless of their differences. If you look closely, you will see the comfort that is provided to our local seniors, families and group homes when they know they can depend on our weekly community supper for a good meal and friendship.

In today’s society, we often hear about what people aren’t doing to help one another, but here at the Community Center; I see daily reminders of what it means for people to support, nurture and care for one another. That comes from us all. And so as we turn the corner into yet another busy time of year, I’d like to pause and thank YOU for making this all possible. You are the reason this unique space has become a second home to so many. Your support truly means everything to Berkshire South and to the Southern Berkshires. Thank you for helping keep Ed’s vision alive by creating a place where we are all welcome and all belong.

Jenise Lucey - Signature

Jenise Lucey
Executive Director