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IMG_4016A Note from the Executive Director


Every day I am reminded of the power of the Community Center. As if peering into a snow globe, I witness magic, created daily, by the value we commit to one another. As I traverse the halls I see friends smiling and sharing comforting embraces. I overhear meaningful conversations filled with compassion. I hear beautiful stories about how our members are caring for one another as family, all because of a relationship that began at Berkshire South. As much as these individual experiences mean to us as single events, the power they have as a whole is remarkable.

Time and time again, studies reveal that children lacking a sense of value by their communities have a higher tendency to participate in risky behaviors making them far less likely to contribute to the greater community. Now, think about how this trajectory could progress as a person ages. We are all subject to the potential of adversity in our lives; whether we are facing isolation, illness, financial security, mental health, addiction, etc. However, our resiliency in how we react to these challenges in life is significantly increased when we have the support of one another. And this ultimately affects the overall strength of our community.

Just recently a member, 87 years young, came into my office and said this; “In the end, what is the most important thing in our lives? Our relationships that we have with one another.” And he was right. As he continued to share with me how much he appreciates Berkshire South and the community that has developed around his life, I could not help but marvel at this magic we create together. As you look to the coming year and find renewal in the turn of the calendar, I hope you recognize that what you do, what you say and how you treat one another matters to the future of our community.

For over 14 years, Berkshire South has become a part of the infrastructure that serves this community; a resource and vehicle for connection. This is because of you. You helped design our offerings, celebrated our achievements, and furthered our work with your meaningful contributions. Your investment in the relationships you share with one another sets the tone for us all. Thank you for being a part of this magical place.

Jenise Lucey - Signature

Jenise Lucey
Executive Director