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Aah… A new year. A fresh start.

As we look forward to 2018 and collectively push our internal restart buttons, I hope you are filled with optimism, peace and light. At this time of year, I always take a moment to pause and reflect on the past year and consider how my experiences will shape the year ahead. In this process, I have been mindful of the special members that have passed on in this time, the new members and employees who have joined the Center family and the great successes we have had in serving our community in a multitude of ways. Mostly however, I have focused on how appreciative I am for the people I encounter through my work at the Community Center, and for the joy that those relationships bring to my life.At the Center, we hope that Berkshire South serves as the vehicle by which you increase valuable connections in your life daily. Each person who comes to the Center is taking steps to improve their life. Preschoolers are learning how to share, teens are becoming leaders and adults are gaining mobility through exercise. But what some don’t realize is that it is the connection they make with others while here, that may be creating the greatest impact of all.While the model of serving community in this manner is something that you can find in any corner of the world, Berkshire South is among the few that is purely driven by the energy of its constituents. We depend on our members and those that support us to maintain our operations to the tune of $48,000 per week. Yes, it costs that much to provide the services we offer. And because of you, we are able to continue on in our mission each day.Just as with the Center, the future of our community is fully reliant upon how each of us chooses to respond to need; the ownership we take for our combined success. By participating in the work of the Center, you are stepping up and saying that what happens in our community matters to you. YOU have made an impact.Thank you for opening up yourself to the work of the Center, for making all of our connections more meaningful and for being a part of strengthening this community through your support. May the start of 2018 bring you joy, health and happiness.

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Jenise Lucey
Executive Director