Welcome to Berkshire South

This July, Berkshire South Regional Community Center will be celebrating 15 years of service to the community. The ribbon cutting ceremony in 2002 marked the embarking on a journey to bring Berkshire South to life and with it, the blossoming of new opportunities for the Southern Berkshires. In 1995, “Ed” A. Jaffe recognized a void in the services provided throughout our community and he tenaciously set forward to fill that gap. Ed knew that there was a way to ensure strength for our changing community for years to come and with his vision, the building of a vital resource for all to enjoy became a reality.

Looking back on the effort set forth by so many to make Berkshire South possible, I am in awe at the dedication of our community. Volunteerism, financial support, advocacy and action made this extraordinary organization possible. From the Center’s inception until the present day, this hard work would not be possible without the commitment and support you all lend to this critical institution.

Ed embraced initial feedback from community members and pushed for a Center that would respond to childcare issues; host community meals; support the need for community meetings and be a common place where families could come together and be supported. Ed was driven to see to it that Berkshire South could help to educate our local residents and enrich their lives through activities, trainings, and creative programs, all while being affordable. We proudly believe that each day, with your presence at the Center, you help fulfill Ed’s dream and assist Berkshire South to carry on his mission.

Fifteen years is a significant milestone for our community. True to our mission, Berkshire South remains a staple to the community as we provide a haven to cultivate cultural, health and social well-being not only in each of us as individuals, but as we come in contact with one another through our fitness classes, picking up our children, having dinner.
As always, your voices continue to fuel our efforts. Your feedback and participation is critical, particularly in light of a challenging economic landscape impacting all of us, both individually and together as a community. Now, more than ever, is an opportunity to connect and provide support to one another. We continue to be a nonprofit organization that relies heavily on financial contributions to maintain operations. With a $2.5M budget, only 60% of our operating costs are covered by membership and program income. The rest requires heavy lifting and tangible support from donors like you. Every time you purchase a membership, make a donation, become a volunteer, enroll in a program, or just endorse our good work, you help to make these efforts continue. From all of us, thank you.

We hope Ed would be proud of our community’s efforts and we know together, we can bring the Community Center’s mission of building community and common purpose to fruition for years to come. Thank you for being a part of Berkshire South.

Jenise Lucey - Signature

Jenise Lucey
Executive Director