March Madness Bracket Challenge Contest

Here’s a fun way to support Berkshire South and also to perhaps win great prizes, while enjoying the March Madness of the men’s NCAA college basketball tournament! Our March Madness Bracket Contest, like everything else we do at Berkshire South, is open to all, and even better, you can enter multiple times to increase your odds of winning!

100% of each donation goes to Berkshire South’s annual fund, helping the Center to continue to thrive and to provide the programs you and your loved ones enjoy.

For a $10 donation per entry, you can fill out a bracket and be entered to win great prizes, including a 3-month membership to Berkshire South! For a $10 donation you’re in the game and can fill out a bracket. For a $30 donation you can fill out three brackets. For a $50 donation you can do five brackets… you get the idea.

Who can enter? Everyone! You, your parents, your children, your parents’ children (your siblings?), your uncle in Kalamazoo (Michigan, that is – he roots for the Wolverines), your co-workers, your friends – even that one friend that you only talk to every year during March Madness – can all enter. You can all get into this group, support great community programming, and compete for bragging rights and prizes.

1st Place: 3-Month Membership & t-shirt & water bottle ($259 value)
2nd Place: 5 Visit Pass ($55 value)*
3rd Place: 2 day passes ($30 value)*

    How to Enter

    Make your donation right here or at the Front Desk at Berkshire South

  1. Click here to be linked to the Berkshire South group on Yahoo!

  2. Sign up using the password… aaah, we can’t put that part here! If your donation is made at the Front Desk at Berkshire South, you will receive the password immediately. If you donate through this web page, you will receive the password by email shortly after you make your donation. (This will be done manually, so please be patient with us! We promise to send it to you ASAP.)

  3. If you sign up early (before brackets are available), you should receive email reminders from Yahoo! to fill out your bracket(s) when it’s time.

  4. Brackets will be able to be filled out beginning Sunday, March 17 after the teams in the tournament are announced. All brackets must be filled out before games begin on Thursday, March 21.

  5. Play hooky from work and watch your teams charge towards the Final Four and a National Championship! (Okay, we don’t actually encourage playing hooky… unless it’s to take a class at Berkshire South.)

Important Note: Your donation must correspond to your number of entries in the Yahoo! group to be eligible to win prizes. No cheating!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Think this is a stupid idea and need to know who to yell at? Call (413) 528-2810 ext. 29