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Dear Friends of Berkshire South,

Your presence and the vitality you bring to the Center are greatly missed during these challenging times of social distancing to defeat COVID-19. It has been so difficult in these last weeks not to welcome you through our doors each day. We know what acute sacrifices you are making for the good of our community by staying home and we are sincerely appreciative. Thank you for choosing the bravery of solitude, for understanding that we are still and always more powerful together.  

More than ever we find deep meaning in daily connections with both friends and strangers, and we look forward to bringing everyone together once again through the community we have offered for the last 18 years at this regional treasure – your community center – Berkshire South.

Now, like so many, we are making sacrifices that we wish were not necessary. Berkshire South is now closed to the public through at least May 4th and is, like other small businesses and nonprofits, worried about what the future of the Center will look like. Yet, we look forward beyond this moment of self-isolation. When we resume business as usual, our community will need us more than ever before. People who have been without work will rely on our weekly Community Suppers and our financial assistance program; parents who have been home with their children will need the services of our preschool and Out of School programs; our members with adaptive needs, who have gone without their therapeutic classes for many weeks, will need our caring and patient staff to help them build their strength once again; those who have gone without the beauty of live music will raise their voices in song as Berkshire Sings resumes its sessions; and all those who have been isolated will need the connection and support that comes with being part of a community.

Today we turn to you for help. If Berkshire South is to reopen its doors at the conclusion of this period of social distancing and provide the services that you’ve come to rely upon, we need your support. Donations to the Center at this critical time will sustain us while we are closed — your gift will quite literally help us pay our bills while we are generating no income. And then we can get back to work doing what we do best — providing wellness and connection for our friends and neighbors. 

With sincere gratitude,

Jenise Lucey
Executive Director