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What makes a community? At Berkshire South, we know it is more than proximity. Community requires meaningful connection between people who share interests, or needs, or values. Community requires that we be open to and have empathy for one another. And when we do these things, the community embraces us; it’s reciprocal.

Betty Noel, 72, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s three years ago. Her friend invited her to Barbara Penn’s Tai Chi class at Berkshire South, as she had heard there were many benefits of the practice, including balance, something Betty would need help with going forward. What Betty found at Berkshire South was greater than a new exercise regimen. “I found a Community Center, not just a gym. Today the world is so crazy, we need something to help us relax and connect.”

In the two years since she’s taken the weekly class, Betty’s Parkinson’s has not progressed. Not at all. Perhaps it is the practiced breathing, the way she’s been coached to slow down and notice her body and her thoughts. “In general today we tend to walk fast, and talk fast,” she said. But perhaps it is something less tangible: the power of the place itself. “Here we all share things and take time to make a connection every week.”

At Berkshire South we aim to create the conditions in which our community can thrive, and in which everyone can participate. Every class we offer or service we provide is in response to community need with the goal of connecting you to one another, and our financial assistance plan ensures that access to those programs is not limited only to those who can afford the cost of a membership.

Approximately 60% of our $2,500,000 annual operating budget is covered by our programs and membership fees while the remaining 40% – $1,000,000 – derives from charitable gifts from people like you.  Your contribution will assist us in providing the services and programs that our community members rely upon to improve their health and well-being, regardless of their ability to pay.

With your help, we will continue to lift one another up, to strengthen our bodies and spirits, and to welcome everyone to our community.