Press Release – For Immediate Release

Lisa M. Marchi, Director of Development & Communications
Berkshire South Regional Community Center

Berkshire Life Charitable Foundation awards $5,000 in support of Berkshire South’s Experiential Internship Program for Individuals with Special Needs

Great Barrington, MA – Berkshire South Regional Community Center is very pleased to announce Berkshire Life Charitable Foundation’s generous contribution of $5,000 in support of the Center’s Experiential Internship Program for individuals with disabilities, ages 16 to 24. This important funding will ensure the Center is appropriately resourced and trained in service to this diverse constituency. In addition, Foundation support will allow the Center more purposeful contact with local programs and residential facilities serving youth with disabilities, guidance counselors, special education teachers and area schools, to execute targeted outreach and intern recruitment.

“We are very excited by this award,” Executive Director Jenise Lucey noted, “as Berkshire Life is enabling the Center to offer the individualized approach to intern and apprenticeship training that we know succeeds. Berkshire South will now be able to provide this experiential educational opportunity to students who learn differently.”

The Intern program will allow youth with special needs to participate as employees-in-training to learn basics of a field through specific focused initiatives. The in-depth Internship Program allows students to be fully immersed in a field appropriate to the Center such as marketing, facilities & grounds, fitness, child & youth development, etc. to learn the skills necessary to pursue a career in that field if they so choose.

Sharon Boyd, Director of BFAIR/ARCADIA EMPLOYMENT SERVICES recently underscored the Center’s value to the disabled community through a letter sent to Jenise Lucey. She wrote, “…It is wonderful to see how happy they [the people supported in our program] are to be part of Berkshire South as well as the pride they take in their work onsite. They feel appreciated and respected.”

Berkshire South is honored to have these wonderful individuals working with them to explore and ensure productive and successful futures both for themselves and our community.

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