Press Release Contact:
Jenise Lucey, Executive Director
Berkshire South Regional Community Center

BSRCC receives Robbins – de Beaumont Foundation grant for Youth Intervention/Prevention Curriculum

January 2013 -  The Robbins – de Beaumont Foundation has awarded a $20,000 grant to Berkshire South Regional Community Center (BSRCC) to support three programs within their Youth Intervention/Prevention Curriculum (YIPC). The grant will support BSRCC’s Youth Fit Club, Youth Advisory Committee and the Experiential Internship Program. Executive Director Jenise Lucey shares, “The Center is committed to providing safe, fun and engaging youth programming. Robbins de-Beaumont is a longtime supporter of the Center helping to establish our unique and popular youth curriculum.”

The Youth Advisory Committee empowers students from surrounding middle schools to effect positive change in their peer group by taking a leadership role in decision-making. These students learn financial literacy, time management, and planning skills by developing several student-led events that build awareness in the community.

Youth Fit Club serves the physical needs of the same age range to support health and wellness education critical for developing young adults. Students learn life-long methods of incorporating health and fitness routines into their everyday activities from qualified staff members.

The Experiential Internship Program allows high school and college students to make a structured and purposeful contribution to the community by gaining experience in areas best matched to their own skills, interests, and life goals. Interns gain valuable hands-on training, aiding them in successful college admissions and job applications.

BSRCC’s Youth Intervention/Prevention Curriculum is a comprehensive positive youth development curriculum which seeks to reduce risky behaviors among middle and high school youth. YIPC programming provides an extensive support network for these students, each program building off the success of the previous one and enabling students to achieve their physical, mental, and social goals.

“We are so grateful and excited to be able to continue Youth Fit Club, Youth Advisory Committee, and the Experiential Internship Program. There is a seamless fit between these three critical youth programs and the others that make up the YIPC curriculum. It’s our goal to provide as many engaging and inspirational learning opportunities for middle and high-school youth so they are able to make healthy, informed and confident choices when faced with tough situations now and throughout the rest of their lives,” states YIPC coordinator, Susan Teigen.

The funding from the Robbins – de Beaumont Foundation will provide necessary aid to the YIPC programs by supporting staffing, training, program implementation and outreach. To learn about BSRCC’s Youth Intervention/Prevention Curriculum please contact Susan Teigen, the Youth Intervention/Prevention Coordinator at 528-2810 ext. 30.

BSRCC is a non-sectarian, non-profit organization open to all, regardless of ability to pay. Our mission is to build a sense of community and common purpose throughout the region and to enhance the recreational, educational, cultural, health and social wellbeing of the residents of the Southern Berkshires, providing space and programming to meet the growing needs of the community since 2002. The Center accommodates all age groups from infant to senior as well as serving people with disabilities. BSRCC also offers cross-cultural programs to encourage and strengthen the sense of community.