CONTACT: Darcie Sosa, Marketing Manager
Berkshire South Regional Community Center


Berkshire South Regional Community Center announces the addition of Board Member, Sharon Casdin.

Casdin, a long-time Berkshire resident, joins current Board members Ethel Patterson (Chair), Peter Brewer, Richard Counts III, Kay Cuthbertson, Ben Harms, Robert Harrison, Adam Hersch, Gordon Josephson, Rita Kasky, Barbara Manring and Robert Montgomery.

“I am so pleased to welcome Sharon to our board. Before joining the Board, Sharon volunteered to be a key organizer for our August 18, 2016 Gala. Her many years of experience with nonprofits and their Boards will help ensure that Berkshire South continues to fulfill its mission and thrive”, said Ethel Patterson, Chair.

Sharon is a retired floral designer, who divides her time between Manhattan and Ashley Falls. Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Westport, Connecticut, she raised three sons in New York City, where they all now reside with their families. In addition to serving on the Board of Berkshire South, Sharon is actively involved with and generously supports many not-for-profit organizations in the Berkshires and New York City.

Berkshire South has offered quality services and programs to the Southern Berkshires since July 2002.