Adult & Community Enrichment Programs


Advanced Beginners 
American Sign Language Course
Become more comfortable using American Sign Language in this 6 week course! Participants should  have a basic knowledge of the  alphabet and simple words before attending this course. With instructor Karran Larson.
TUESDAYS 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Sept 11-Oct 16   183CM74A
Members $55 Guests $70

Novice American Sign Language Course
Learn the basics of American Sign Language with our beginning ASL course. This course is designed to
help expand participants’ knowledge of the deaf community to allow for more empathy and compassion.
With instructor Karran Larson.
TUESDAYS 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Oct 23-Nov 13   183CM75A
Members $45 Guests $60


Advanced Conversational French
For adults age 18+. This six-session series is intended for English speakers who are fairly comfortable with the French language and would like to expand their vocabulary, polish their speaking and listening skills, and learn more about French speaking countries and cultures. Instructor: Christophe Pichard. Minimum of 6 participants, pre-registration is required at least 48 hours in advance.
THURSDAYS 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Oct 4-Nov 8  183CM72C
Members $55 Guests $70

Cooking Programs

Mediterranean Cooking Classes
From the mountains of Lebanon to the Mediterranean Sea: Traditional Mazza
Sisters, Carolyn Jeffrey & Marilyn Nejaime will be teaching participants how to cook a variety of  Lebanese appetizers. This class will feature one appetizer a week including: Humous & baba ghanouj, felafel with pita 1/2’s, sesame sauce, & chopped raw veggies, and tabouli & fetoosh with toasted pita
croutons; & fatayid (Lebanese pizzas). On the last Wednesday (October 17), the class will culminate with a traditional Mazza evening, by preparing the learned dishes from 5-7pm and eating together from 7-8pm. One guest per participant will be invited to enjoy Mazza on the final evening.
Sept 12-Oct 17  183CM71A
Members $70 Guests $85

Lebanese Pastry Class
Sisters, Carolyn Jeffrey & Marilyn Nejaime will be teaching participants how to cook a variety of  Lebanese pastries. This class will feature one pastry a week including: Baklava, Gribee, Krass, Namoura and Barazel. On the last Wednesday (December 12), the class will culminate with a pastry feast, by preparing the learned dishes from 5-7pm and eating together from 7-8pm. One guest per participant
will be invited to enjoy the pastries with you on this final evening.
Oct 24-Dec 12* 183CM70A
Members $70 Guests $85
*No Class 10/31 & 11/21

Italian Cooking Classes with Chef Hank Ferlauto 
Ages 21+. Join Chef Hank Ferlauto for fun, hands on meal preparation of three course meal menus. Each class’ unique menu will consist of a pasta dish, main course with a side vegetable, and dessert. After cooking, the group will sit and enjoy their meal together. Wine will be paired with each menu.
Sept 20  183CM64A
Oct 11   183CM64B
COST PER WORKSHOP: Members $42 Guests $55