Free for members, aquatics classes are listed below.

Space is limited; please pre-register for adult aquatic workshops.

New! Aquatic Exercise for Respiratory Conditions
This two-day workshop is for people with asthma, chronic bronchitis and/or COPD. Learn to exercise in a naturally supportive environment, using exercises you can do in any body of water, even if exercise is challenging due to respiratory issues. Learn how you can have a great workout and strengthen all your muscles, including core muscles, without overworking your lungs. Participants should be comfortable in the water but no swimming skills are necessary. Space is limited; please register by July 7th.
Members $18 Guests $25

Monday, July 10 & Friday July, 14
12-1 p.m.   172AD03A

Stroke Improvement Workshops

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Improve your stroke and enhance your lap swim workout under the guidance of experienced instructor Peggy Harner. Space is limited; please register in advance for each workshop.
Members $10 Guests $15 per workshop

May 9   172AD01A
June 13   172AD01B
July 11    172AD01C
August 22   172AD01D

Fitness Swimmer
Swimming is one of the healthiest workouts that is easy on your joints and it can get you FIT! This guided lap swim workout will build technique as well as increase endurance. Throughout the program you will learn to create and build on your own swimming routines. Space is limited, please register in advance.
Members $40 Guests $55

Thursdays 6:30 -7:30 p.m.
May 18 – June 8 172AD02A
July 13 – August 3 172AD02B

Adult Swim Lessons
Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Partnering with Berkshire Community College (BCC), we offer two levels of adult swim lessons, Beginner and Advanced Beginner; Beginner Swim Lessons run May 31 – July 5 and Advanced Beginner Swim Lessons run July 12 – August 16. Cost for either level is $65. Registration and payment are both done through BCC. To register, please call 413.236.2127 or register online at Space is limited; please pre-register for adult aquatic workshops.

Private Swim Instruction
Tap into the expertise of a Red Cross certified swim instructor and learn how to swim more efficiently and safely. Please call the Aquatics Department to make an appointment.
Members $30 Guests $45 per half hour
Members $50 Guests $60 per hour

Semi-Private Swim Instruction
Get together with a friend or family member and improve your swimming skills together. A fun experience for the whole family!
Members $50 Guests $60 per group per 45 minutes

Personal Aquatic Exercise Training
Using water-resistance, create your own personal aquatic workout with one of our certified Aquatic Exercise Instructors. Understanding your personal goals, physical needs and exercise preferences, the instructor will help you develop a personalized fitness plan. Call the Aquatics Department for more information or to make an appointment. 413.528.2810, ext. 12.
Members $30 Guests $45 per half hour
Members $50 Guests $60 per hour

Group Aquatic Exercise Training
Schedule your group of up to five people, and a certified Aquatic Exercise Instructor will tailor a workout to your group’s needs.
Members $60 Guests $75 per group per hour

Norris Aquatics Center
The Warm/Therapy pool is available to members unless occupied by a scheduled class. Usage is reserved for adults 18+ and babies under 2 years old.Pool Water Temperatures
Main: 83/84°F
Warm/Therapy: 94/97°F
Children’s Splash: 88°F (approximate)



Unless otherwise noted, Adult Aquatic Classes are included with the cost of membership.

RS – Recommended for Seniors
AF – Adaptive Fitness Friendly
CC – Childcare Available

Check out our current aquatics schedule here.

Deep Water Running
Mondays 10-11 a.m.
Using aqua belts, noodles and other equipment, this deep water class combines interval and toning exercises to train the cardio system and strengthen muscles. This is the perfect class if you need a non-impact workout.

Aqua Special Conditions
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
11 a.m.-12 p.m.
People experiencing discomfort from age, injury, arthritis or fibromyalgia will benefit from the gentle aquatic exercises in this class. The combination of the warm water and stretching movements help ease discomfort and improve range of motion. Space is limited; please check availability by calling the Aquatics Office at 413.528.2810 ext. 12.

Laugh & Splash
Mondays 5:30-6:30 p.m.
For all levels of fitness, this class uses both the shallow and deep ends of the pool. This aqua class works on flexibility and strengthening of muscles. Energize your week and leave the pool with a smile!

Aqua Thrills
Tuesdays 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
This class is designed for adults with special needs along with their caregivers, families and friends. Move and play in the water together! The ability to swim is not required.

Wild Water Workout
Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30-6:30 p.m.
30 minutes of high-energy aerobics combined with 30 minutes of muscle specific exercise equals an exciting and effective workout.

Aqua Blitz
Wednesdays 10-11 a.m.
Ideal for seniors, and appropriate for all fitness levels, this class is a full body aquatic workout starting in shallow water and moving to deep. Aqua Blitz incorporates strength and balance training with a great cardio workout.

Aqua Core
*Fridays 10-11 a.m.
*During July & August hours change to 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Work your core muscles using the water’s resistance in this fun group class. All fitness levels are welcome and no experience is necessary.

Fountain of Youth
Thursdays 10-11 a.m.
Keep your youthful flexibility, muscle tone and strength; maybe even improve upon it! There is no better place to do that than in the water. This class welcomes all ability levels; work in the deep water is not required.

Aquatic Conditioning
Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 p.m.
This fun, fast-paced workout incorporates elements of balance, strength-training, running, cardio, and core work, all in the supportive aquatic environment. No experience is necessary as this class is appropriate for all levels; it’s high in fun and low on impact!

Aqua Fitness
Tuesdays 10-11 a.m.
Come join a low-stress, high-energy workout in the water. Burn calories using a combination of moves in both the deep and shallow water. Incorporate this class into your exercise routine to increase your fitness level.

Weekend Wake-Up
Saturdays 9-10 a.m.
Start your weekend with a challenging, music-centered water-based workout that’s cardio conditioning, body-toning, and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief.

Aqua Dance Party
Thursdays 11 a.m.-12 p.m.
This fun-filled aquatic dance class incorporates Afro-Caribbean and pop music. Have fun, get grooving and burn some calories along the way!

Lap Swimming
Mondays – Fridays 6:30-8 a.m.
Saturdays 8:30-9 a.m.
Sundays 8:30-10 a.m.
We keep two lanes available during most aquatic programs and at designated times three or more lanes are available for lap swimming or your own aquatic workout. Please be ready to share a lane.