With the understanding that our community needs effective and contributing adults to stay healthy and productive, Berkshire South Regional Community Center serves a pivotal role in achieving this goal through nurturing educational opportunities for our young. The Community Center’s Youth Intervention/Prevention Curriculum (YIPC) includes a number of different programs for youth to become involved in healthy, leadership-building activities preparing to become informed, socially conscious and involved adults.  For more information, please email YIPC@berkshiresouth.org or call 413.528.2810 ext. 30


Youth & Teen Programs are part of Berkshire South Regional Community Center’s Youth Intervention/Prevention Curriculum (YIPC) and are made possible by donations and sponsorships. YIPC has been funded in the past by the Robbins – de Beaumont Foundation, The Lennox Foundation, Berkshire Life Charitable, Lee Bank, and Berkshire Bank. Collaborative partners include, but are not limited to, Berkshire Co-Op Market, Berkshire Hill’s Regional School District, Miss Hall’s School for Girls, Railroad Street Youth Project, Bard College at Simon’s Rock and the College Internship Program.



Hear what Representative William “Smitty” Pignatelli has to say about Berkshire South’s Youth Intervention/Prevention Curriculum.

Prerecorded for Berkshire South’s 4th annual Radiothon on WSBS, December 2013.


Anti-Bullying Initiative
The Anti-Bullying Initiative is a successful preventive program. The objective is to teach, inform, and raise awareness to the problem of bullying and its effect on children. The curriculum focuses on anger management training, conflict resolution, confidence building, and improved communication methods. The initiative also strives to heighten the community’s awareness of signs and symptoms of bullying. Berkshire South is proud to be a “bully free zone”. For more information, please call 413.528.2810 ext. 20

Experiential Internship Program
Working with area high schools, colleges, and community organizations, our internship program allows students to make a structured and purposeful contribution to the community by gaining experience in areas best matched to their own skills, interests, and life goals. The interns gain valuable hands-on training, aiding them in successful college admissions and job applications. For more information, please send email to YIPC@berkshiresouth.org or call 413.528.2810, ext. 20.
Seed funding provided by Berkshire Life Charitable Foundation.

Community Academy
Berkshire South collaborates with local school districts to provide Community Academy, which is designed to address the risk factors and anti-social behaviors that result in school suspensions. The intervention program provides a structured academic and experiential learning program for youth who have been suspended by the school system. An alternative to out-of-school suspensions, suspended students report to the Center for a morning of academic tutoring and work on community service projects in the afternoon for the duration of their suspension. Through intervention, the program serves to provide youth with the tools to build responsive community connections. To determine whether Community Academy is appropriate for your student, please contact your school’s vice principal.

For more information about any of our YIPC programs, please email YIPC@berkshiresouth.org.