Welcome to Berkshire South


In November I celebrated my 14th year at Berkshire South, a journey that has been nothing less than remarkable. I feel so lucky to have been a part of the growth we’ve experienced together. Our Community Center is so much more than fitting into one place. It’s fluid, like family. I find myself spending a lot of time talking with our members, and I am inspired in these moments by people who I might have never known if it weren’t for this special place of community.

It’s in these moments that I can feel our mission in action.

At Berkshire South, we create opportunities for people to connect through life enhancing experiences. While people may come into the building for a specific reason – the pool, the fitness center, or childcare – we hope, and expect, that they will ultimately be connected to something much larger than themselves. And we hope, with this catalog’s new offerings, to bring even more new family into the fold. Or if you are a long-time member, maybe try something new!

This winter we are proud to offer the chance to Crochet without Patterns, refresh your Spanish speaking skills, and even work towards healthier family relationships. Learn life skills for whole wellness in our continuing Living Well talk series. Work off that holiday pound or two with Zumba, or TRX Training. Get ready for the Berkshire South Swimathon by enrolling in a few aquatics classes. And prepare for our 5K with the all new 5K Running Club!

At Berkshire South, there truly is something for everyone. Come see for yourself!


Jenise Lucey
Executive Director