Berkshire South is a nonprofit organization which has offered quality services and programs to the Southern Berkshires since July 2002.

Our mission is to create a sense of community and common purpose and we do that through a variety of programs and services. As people are connected to each other they enhance the community’s resiliency and identify and mobilize its assets and strengths. The Center holds the idea that as we make connections to one another we become visible and develop a broadened sense of belonging. With that visibility we become more accountable and invested in the community we live in.

We serve 17 towns in the Southern Berkshires and average close to 2000 members. Creating the social health benefits inherent in living in a close neighborhood is difficult in rural communities so Berkshire South is a place where those experiences and benefits become accessible and realized. We are a community organization dedicated to reaching out and building connections both within and beyond the walls of these facilities not only into our own community but to other, distant communities similarly dedicated to the spirit of connectedness and personal growth.