All persons entering the building must check in at the Front Desk; Members should swipe their membership card, while guests will sign the Day Waiver form.

A completed Physical Activity Readiness Form for members or an Informed Consent to Exercise Day Waiver for the Center’s facilities must be completed.

BSRCC (grounds included) is a smoke-free environment.

In case of a fire alarm, everyone must exit the building immediately.

In the building, parental supervision (adult over 18 years of age) is required for children under 13 years.

Children age 10+ may be in the Main Pool without direct adult supervision, as long as a parent/guardian is in the building.

Non-therapeutic drugs are prohibited on Berkshire South grounds. Alcohol is prohibited except at specifically designated events. Anyone under the influence either visibly or noticeably of drugs including alcohol is not allowed within the facility.

Eating or drinking is permitted only in designated areas. Please be respectful and pick up after yourself.

As some may be sensitive to chemicals, please refrain from applying perfumes, colognes, styling products, etc. while using the facility.

Footwear and a shirt are required except in pool area.

No bicycles, skateboards, scooters, skate shoes (“heelies”), rollerblades, or skates are permitted for use within the building.

Berkshire South reserves the right to cancel any class due to an act of nature without the responsibility of refunding payment or rescheduling.

Berkshire South reserves the right to add, alter or cancel programs and hours of operation without the responsibility of refunding payment or rescheduling.

Areas of the facility may be closed at any time for cleaning or maintenance.

Instructors are subject to change without notice. Reimbursement will not be issued.

Advance registration is required for all classes noted. Early registration is encouraged to avoid cancelling programs and classes because of low enrollment.

Berkshire South is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please do not leave your valuables unattended or unlocked. (Locks and towel service are available at the front desk for a fee.)

Berkshire South reserves the right to withdraw or suspend memberships or program privileges either temporarily or permanently from any individual who, in management’s opinion, has conducted himself/herself in a manner detrimental to the legitimate interest of Berkshire South, its members or its staff.



Have a suggestion? Please submit a comment to the suggestion box located at the Front Desk.

If an incident occurs, please stop at the Front Desk and ask for the Manager on Duty.