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Dear Friends of Berkshire South,

Every day when you choose Berkshire South as the place to take your yoga class or to go for your morning swim, you make something magical happen. You contribute to a diverse community of people and create an atmosphere of respect. You create a space in which all aren’t just welcome, but fully belong, from the infants in our childcare program to the retirees in our Lift & Lunch Crunch Bunch.  You create an environment that is much more than a gym, a pool, or a place to take a cooking class.

It’s an environment that makes a tangible difference in people’s lives. Consider “Matt,” a member since 2003.  “In 2014 I joined Berkshire Sings, and have attended almost every rehearsal and performance since then.  In 2014 I was in the throes of a major depression, and I credit my recovery in part to the camaraderie and skill development that I experienced in this group.” At the same time, Matt’s wife, who had been acting as his caregiver, needed a way to relieve the stress that came with being his “rock” and so she joined the Berkshire Ukulele Band (BUB) at Berkshire South. She said:

I was terrible at first, but the ukulele was small enough to take with me to practice in the car while Matt was at his doctor’s appointments.  And the sessions were FUN!  I hadn’t had any fun in a very long time and I think that BUB saved my life and my sanity.  That may seem overly dramatic; but that is really how I feel. Today, Matt is in good health and I’ve become a life-long ukulele devotee.

I ask you to continue to choose Berkshire South and the dynamic community that you find here by making a charitable gift. Gifts made had an incredible impact in this community – they provided almost 5,000 warm meals through our Community Supper program, engaged pre-teens in 2,910 hours of community service learning (away from their screens!), created 216,000 minutes of joyful music through the free programs mentioned above, and so much more.

Each year the Center must raise 40% of its operating budget through philanthropic gifts from people like you  who understand that a gift to Berkshire South has an infinite impact.

I hope that you will take this opportunity to change the lives of your neighbors for the better. This is YOUR community and YOUR Community Center – help us make it what you most want it to be.

Warm regards,

Jenise Lucey
Executive Director