Everything Fitness

The Cardio Center and Strength Room reservations will start at the top of every hour.

Members have the options to reserve both rooms at the same time, back to back or at different times throughout the day. If you choose to reserve both rooms back to back, please understand that there will be a 10 minute waiting period before switching rooms to allow the fitness staff to sanitize the equipment properly.

Members can wait in the fitness hall for their next reservation. Social distancing dots have been placed for safe spacing.

All cardio equipment has been moved and spaced out properly to practice social fitnessing in the gymnasium! However, due to the reconfiguration, the tv’s will not be available. Please be sure to bring your tablet, phone or your own reading materials. Reading Material will no longer be provided and due to the reconfiguration of the cardio equipment.

All free weights, benches and stationary weight machines will remain in the fitness room properly spaced out by Massachusetts orders.

Smaller hand weights are available in the cardio center by request of the fitness attendant if you prefer to integrate these into your cardio routine.

Group fitness classes will continue to run online only through Zoom. For more information on group fitness classes, please visit us here.

Fitness attendants will clean machines in between uses and throughout the day. In addition, members will be provided with cleaning materials to wipe down their fitness equipment and any surfaces they touch throughout the building.

Members must wipe equipment before and after your workout.
Stretch Mats will not be available. Standing stretch guides are available upon request.

Showers are not available for use! Please come dressed and ready to work out as locker room usage is restricted and to minimize your time in the building.