When at the Pool
In addition to our new reservation system, there are many changes in policies and procedures that Berkshire South has had to implement to comply with the state’s new mandatory safety standards. Below are some important changes to be aware of:
  • One swimmer per lane. (If you require a caregiver please contact the front desk at 413-528-2810 Ext. 10.)
  • Follow all directional arrows and social distance markers. 6 feet of distance must be maintained at all time, including in the locker rooms, on the pool deck and while in the water.
  • The warm pool, splash pool and saunas will remain closed per Massachusetts regulations.
  • There will be no free swim or aquatic aerobic classes at this time.
  • Masks are required in all spaces within the Center, including on the pool deck. Once you reach your assigned lane, you may remove your mask.
  • Locker rooms are open for restrooms and pre-swim shower use only. Showering after swimming will unfortunately not be permitted.
  • Lockers will be unavailable so please bring as few items as possible. If you had a rented locker, please call the front desk (413) 528-2810 ex. 10 to schedule a time to remove your belonging.
  • Swimmers must keep their personal items with them at all times. Each lane will have a designated area to leave your belongings. Lifeguards will wipe down those areas between each reservation. Members will be provided with cleaning materials to wipe down their seating and bag area.
  • All aquatic workout equipment and accessories will not be available at this time (pool noodles, kick boards, flippers, fins, water weights, etc.). Members may bring in their own equipment, but please sanitize before entering the pool.
  • Towel service has been discontinued at this time
  • We are requesting that all members leave the Center directly from the pool area. You will not be permitted to exit through the locker rooms.If at all possible, members should leave the pool area directly through the exit doors. If they must change, they must stop swimming at 15 minutes past the hour in order to use the locker room for 10 minutes maximum to change.  After changing, members must come back through the pool area to exit those doors, unless they have an accessible need and cannot step down upon exit.  At 25 minutes past each hour, the new reservations will be coming into the locker rooms.     
  • To reduce traffic, only those requiring special accommodations will be able to use the family bathrooms as a changing station prior to leaving the facility. If you must use the restroom or the accessible changing space prior to leaving, please inform the lifeguard.