Virtual Class Schedule 

Berkshire South is going virtual! Enjoy this free trial period as we get our virtual programs off the ground.  Donations welcome!

Print out a donation form or  




To participate in a class:

 Click on this link at least 5-10 minutes prior to the class time:
If prompted for a passcode, use: Community 
Donations are welcome for this free service. If you are able, please donate here.
Tips for a Successful Zoom Workout:

You can run your class on your phone, laptop, PC, tablet or any other device that allows you to stream from the internet and also has sound capacity such as built-in or attached speakers
  • Have a space open enough to do your exercises 
  • Have water available 
  • If your class normally uses mats, be sure to have a comfortable space for floor exercises. 
  • Be sure to test the Zoom link for the class at least 10 minutes ahead of time for your first sign-on so you can become comfortable with logging in (call 413-358-8081 if you have trouble)  
  • Our instructor will greet you for a few minutes ahead of the class, but will start as close to class time as possible.