BSRCC Membership & Program Assistance Guidelines

It is central to the mission of Berkshire South Regional Community Center that we are open to all, regardless of ability to pay. In an effort to reach our goal of connecting the community at large, in the most inclusive way possible, BSRCC has created a financial assistance policy for membership and programs. We believe that the policy maintains the integrity of the applicant and keeps confidentiality of the information.

Financial assistance will be awarded on the basis of not only the documented eligibility of the applicant, but the overall needs of the individual, couple or family and the availability of funds. Once the application and income verification information is assessed, a financial assistance package will be created. In many ways, each application is taken on a case-by-case basis, with the financial assistance provided based on the pool of funds available. In addition, the Berkshire South staff person will personally help those who need assistance with completing the form.

Financial assistance is available for up to 75% off of membership fees and up to 50% off of program fees based on this sliding scale. All individuals awarded assistance must abide by the financial assistance application and usage policies in order to maintain eligibility of assistance.

Financial Assistance Applications:

Applications can be found at the membership desk or here

All applications must be filled out completely.

All Financial Assistance applications (for membership and programs) must have appropriate financial documentation attached (even if they have applied before). Documentation should include last years tax forms and/or pay stubs, Child Support documentation, Social Security Documentation) (BSRCC shreds all financial back-up documentation within one month following award.) distribution.

Applications are processed by BSRCC within 7-10 days.

Award letters will be sent to the address provided. A copy of the award letter will be kept on file at the front desk for up to 30 days following the application date.

All awards are valid for up to one month from the award date. Awards are eligible for only six months following this date.

Individuals will need to reapply for membership at the end of the 6 month award period with complete application and documentation provided.

When membership lapses or is not paid in full, even for one day, the financial assistance agreement expires. To avoid a lapse in membership or program aid, please reapply fifteen days before the membership expires.

It is the member’s responsibility to reapply.

Financial assistance for programs is only eligible to members. Individuals must first be approved for financial aid for membership, be a member, (get approved for aid for program) and then remain a member throughout the entire program, or the aid will expire.

Special financial assistance requirements apply to Sunshine Preschool and Child Care. See policies below.

There is no financial assistance available for services such as personal training or Stay and Play.

Action Adventures Out of School Child Care, Summer Day Camp & Sunshine Preschool Programs:

For more information pertaining specifically to OOS, Action Adventures Summer Camp and Sunshine Preschool Financial Assistance, click here.

Subsidy Vouchers for Childcare and Sunshine Preschool

Sunshine Preschool and Action Adventures programs at Berkshire South Regional Community Center accept vouchers for participation in the programs. Vouchers are issued by New England Farm Workers’ Council (NEFWC). Your eligibility for these programs is determined by the agency that supplies the funding. If you are eligible for funding, the agency will establish a daily parent fee that represents your portion of the tuition. The voucher program will subsidize an additional tuition amount, for which we will bill them directly. These two together do not add up to full tuition, therefore BSRCC secures donations from the community to underwrite the rest of the tuition for students receiving these subsidies. Because the subsidy provided by BSRCC is part of the overall financial aid budget, we reserve the ability to limit the number of vouchers we accept in any given year.

If you are applying for admission and expect to pay your tuition with funding from the voucher program, please notify us immediately so we can determine the availability of matching funds from our financial assistance budget. In the event that funds are unavailable or frozen from the New England Farm Workers’ Council (NEFWC), individuals may apply to BSRCC financial assistance for programs, however must first show proof of application and status of subsidy availability by NEFWC.

BSRCC Financial Aid for Childcare and Sunshine Preschool

BSRCC administers an in-house financial assistance program that is meant to subsidize voucher availability through NEFWC, or provide greater support to students in need. To apply, families should complete the program and membership financial assistance application forms and submit along with full documentation to the membership desk including a copy of or notification of award status from NEFWC. BSRCC then analyzes your financial information, develops a recommendation of how much you can afford to contribute toward tuition, and will notify you in writing of your award eligibility. Please note that any student accessing BSRCC financial assistance must maintain a membership throughout the time of the program award period. Awards are based on the overall need that year and the resources available. Students receiving BSRCC financial assistance must reapply for assistance every six months within the program.

Judy Spencer Scholarships for Early Education

Judy Leahey Spencer believed in Berkshire South from the beginning. Working along side Ed Jaffe to bring the Center to reality, Judy held the position of the first executive director of the center before the foundation was poured and infrastructure firmly anchored into the piece of land on Crissey Road. Turning those reins over to Nick Broad in 2000, Judy remained on the board of trustees and held the voted position of Clerk until her passing on November 11, 2011.

Judy came through the front doors of the Center daily with pep in her step and purpose in her posture. She never failed to say to hello to the front desk staff or any of those seated in one of the side offices as she checked in and headed to yoga. Never having to be asked, Judy always stepped up and fully engaged herself in the Center’s programs, volunteer tasks and sustainability. With a lifelong passion for early education, Judy was one of the founders of Sunshine Preschool and was instrumental in bringing the program to the Center believing families need accessible, quality child care. Sadly, Judy was taken from us unexpectedly in November 2011, but through the generosity of her friends, her legacy continues with the Community Center.

Naming the Center as a gift recipient in lieu of flowers reinforced the community’s awareness of Judy’s love for the Center. Her family and friends gifted $16,570 in her memory and the funds have been used to support the financial assistance program beginning January 2012. To continue Judy’s dedication to provide families with access to the best early education programming, and in her honor, we have named the financial assistance award program for Sunshine Preschool and early childhood program support the Judy Spencer Scholarships for Early Education.

To talk to someone regarding the financial aid process for our Childcare and Sunshine programs, please call our program director at 528-2810 Ext. 20.